Knightscope Security Robots now offered by Prudential AlarmPrudential Alarm offers Knightscope robotic security to protect your place of business.  These robots provide an autonomous physical presence that gathers data from the environment in real-time and then pushes anomalies to the user interface, alerting you of potential security risks.

Features of Knightscope security robots include:

  • Physical Presence - If a marked law enforcement vehicle were placed in front of your facility, criminal behavior would dramatically change. Security robots have the same impact.
  • License Plate Recognition - Knightscope's robots have four cameras, each capable of reading up to 300 license plates per minute. Detect blacklisted vehicles, track dwell time and use of parking lot.
  • Signal Detection - Protect your data from rogue routers and people trying to circumvent your information's security measures and identify mobile devices carried by criminal suspects.
  • 360 Degree Video - Crime comes from all angle. Capture and live stream 360-degree high definition video.
  • Two-way Audio - All machines are equipped with speakers and microphones that allow intercom conversations between the security operations center and a person near a robot. 
  • Thermal Imaging - Can monitor critical systems that require constant monitoring of its temperature. Pushes alerts at a certain threshold and captures data for historical analysis. Also provides fire risk protection.

These are just some of the features - contact your Prudential Alarm professional now at (800) 252-0368 to learn much more and find out which Knightscope security robot is right for your business!


Our experienced Security Consultants will provide you with an honest evaluation of your current security situation and suggest options that would not only meet your needs but fit any budget.