Dangers of Self-Monitoring (DIY)


A shift has taken place in the home security industry with companies offering a self-monitoring option. While it is nice to avoid a monitoring bill each month, there are dangers consumers need to be aware of before relying on their own devices to protect their home.

In the event that a break-in takes place or the authorities are notified when the alarm goes off, the self-monitoring system kicks in and identifies the owner via text and/or email. These notifications are valuable, but there are dangers that come with complete self-monitoring.

Internet Connection

The strength of your internet connection is a concern because if a mobile device is out of reach then it may not receive the text or email notification in a timely manner. This makes the consumer the Achilles heel in the security system.

Technological Liability

Internet coverage is not the only technological liability. In order to receive notifications, a consumer must have their phone or mobile device with them when they receive it. What happens if the battery dies or they are in an area where reception is spotty? This makes homes, even with a security system, vulnerable.

Coverage Issues

Self-monitoring is also not a guarantee when it comes to notifying the home owner in the event of a break-in. Some companies only notify the consumer if the police are contacted. Monitoring should cover all bases to ensure complete safety, not only when the police are involved.


The self-monitoring system may initially be more affordable, but over time (granted a longer period of time) it may not be. Some home insurance plans offer a discount to home owners who have a home security system. That discount may cover the entire monitoring cost on the monthly bill. However, there is no discount for those who choose to go with the self-monitoring option.

From a distance, self-monitoring may sound like the better option, but consumers need to be aware that under these circumstances, they become the full-time monitoring system. Having a monitoring system who is watching over homes around the clock is far less risky and generally more reliable.

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