Locksmith ServicesLocksmiths are usually thought of when people have locked themselves out of their property, vehicle, or simply lose their keys. This is just one of the services we offer, and there are many others as well.

An example would be when aquiring a new residence, changing the locks is essential. Who knows how many friends, neighbors or relatives of the prior occupants have a set of keys?

Instead of buying locks from the home improvement store, it's a better idea to contact a professional Prudential licensed locksmith as we can provide an expert assessment and install the locks best suited for your situation. Our professional locksmith will show you various options ranging from traditional to the very latest in automated access systems available.

Safe & Vault Installation, Repair, and RelocationSafe & Vault Installation, Repair, and Relocation

Our locksmiths can get into locked safes while causing zero damage, move/relocate, install or repair vaults and safes of any size. Contact your local Prudential licensed locksmith for an on-site visit to assess exactly what is required to move your security safe or vault from its current location.

Key Cutting

Key Cutting

Prudential Alarm staffs nationally accredited professionals for key cutting. Prudential locksmiths will be able to cut keys for any type of lock (cabinet, garage, interior or exterior door, padlock etc.)

Access Control

Access Control

Our professional locksmiths are knowledgable in electronic access control systems and can do expert installations of any size or specification.


Our experienced Security Consultants will provide you with an honest evaluation of your current security situation and suggest options that would not only meet your needs but fit any budget.

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